3R Ball

Learning about Natural Resources

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3R Ball

Media: Learning about Natural Resources

This open ended activity will give your students an opportunity think critically about their actions as they apply the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to everyday items. This hands-on activity brings a team representative up to bat and 'run' the bases. Right or wrong is determined by the leader/instructor, but err on the side of creativity to get kids thinking outside the box and keep the game fast and fun!

Choose two different teams and type their names into the green boxes in the center of the screen by clicking on the box and using the keyboard to type in the name. You may select whether or not to use a timer by selecting "timed" and then selecting either "30", "60", or "90" seconds. During the first round of play, you may want to opt not to use a timer to give students more time for discussion. Each team will have the time selected to give their answer during their "at bat". Click SUBMIT when you are ready to play. Begin the game by moving the bat from home plate to the dugout of the team that was chosen to go first. Each team will have to name at least one way to reduce, reuse, or recycle the item. The announcer will say "batter up" and the pitcher will throw an item to the screen. If the team comes up with one way to reduce or reuse the item, they will click on first base and click "swing". If they come up with two ways to reduce or reuse the item they will click first and second base and then click "swing". If the team comes up with three ways, they will click three bases and click "swing". And if they come up with four ways, they will click first, second, third, and home base and click "swing". Hint: Recycle is always an option to get a base hit. Once the first team's runner has run the bases, the scoreboard will appear. After the first team goes, the second team will have a turn. The game has four innings. Please keep in mind that there are many uses for the different objects pitched. Encourage students to be creative, and accept all reasonable answers.

This activity should be played as a whole class. Have students watch the video 'Learning about Natural Resources.'

  • Whole Class: Choose a student to read the directions to the class. A practice run-through or untimed first play is advised to show students how to bat and advance through the bases. Choose which team will go first. Have the Batter for the toin coss winning team move the bat to the dugout. You can have a whole class discussion on the item and then have the team choose their response or have each team during their turn discuss and choose answers. The number of ways to reduce, reuse or recycle can be listed on the board or on paper by each team. Then the batter clicks the bases for the number of answers and the bat again to swing. The runner will round the bases as the crowd cheers, and the scoreboard will appear. Extend the game by having students come up with other items to challenge the opposing team.
  • Ask each student to write down an object on a piece of paper (preferably the back of a paper that has been used for something else). Students will smash their papers into "balls". Students will form at least two teams. Teams will take turns throwing a ball to the opposing team. The team will then have to think of as many uses for the item listed as they can within a given time (you may choose to use a timer or not). When you are done with the game, make sure to recycle that paper!

    Social Studies/Language Arts: After viewing the video 'Learning About Natural Resources' discuss ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at home and at school. Have students make a list, write a short essay, or draw pictures of ways to use the three Rs their lives. Ask students to report on the recycling practices in your community.

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