Desert habitat


Object Type: Interactive

Desert habitat

Media: Habitats

Discover and review the amazing resourcefulness of desert animals as you identify where they find food, water and shelter in this challenging environment.

In this activity, a picture of an animal that lives in the desert climate will be shown. The students scroll through various items to match with each animal. They will match by the food, water source, and shelter to each given animal. Students will be reviewing the three necessary elements (food, water, and shelter) for all living things for the animals in the desert. The students will also review the habitats for several desert animals by completing this activity.

This activity can be played as a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually. Whole Group: Assign students to groups by animal or category (water, food, shelter). As that category comes up one student can scroll through the choices to find the appropriate choice for their category. If there is a mistake, you can decide whether to let them try again immediately or give the next category's team/player a chance. The choices provide the opportunity for class discussion about how and why these are appropriate choices or inappropriate choices. Teacher can gather formative assessment data based on the responses of students for checking for understanding.

Students can create an illustration of a desert animal in its habitat including the food, shelter and water source of that animal.

Science: Students can create food chains using the animals from the activity by researching and finding predators for the given animals and demonstrating the circle of life for these or other desert creatures.