Healthy by Choice


Object Type: Interactive

Healthy by Choice

Media: Nutrition

The fun of matching with a critical twist! Help students identify common foods from the same source like fried chicken and grilled chicken. Then to advance the game, they must choose the healthy version!

In this activity, the students are playing a food memory game as well as learning which method of preparation are healthier. Students begin by having a short period of time to look at 8 pictures of food before they turn over as in a traditional memory game. The 8 pictures represent 4 food group/types. The students need to match the foods/food groups by clicking on the backs of two cards. Students are successful when the two items matched are from the same food group (i.e. yogurt and ice cream) or differently prepared versions of the same food (i.e. fried and grilled chicken). Once the students create a successful match, they must then make a choice as to which version is the healthier version. To do this, the students must drag a red heart to the choice that is healthier. If the answer they choose is incorrect, the heart goes back to the starting place and they can choose again. When all of the cards are matched and labeled with the healthier choice, the game is over and the game lists all of the healthy choices shown. Students can play the game multiple times.

This activity can be played in a whole group, small groups, pairs, and individually.

  • All: Students begin by attempting to memorize the pictures on the cards as they are displayed for a short period of time. Then the students can take turns clicking on cards to reveal the pictures and the matching picture. Another student can then name each of the pairs, while yet another student can identify which is the healthier choice. Students can orally justify why this is the healthier choice. The game can be played several different times.
  • Students can use the foods from the game to create a healthy meal. They could be given a dinner plate and draw/cut out pictures to represent the healthy choices to create a healthy meal.

    Science: Portion Control. Students can take the healthy foods from the game and draw or cut out pictures to represent the correct portion size of each of the food to keep it healthy (i.e. grilled chicken is healthy but not if you eat a pound of it!).