Hop, Skip, and Review

Science Tools for Lab and Life! #1

Object Type: Interactive

Hop, Skip, and Review

Media: Science Tools for Lab and Life! #1

You will need to direct this open ended, two team activity. Students will be presented with a tool and asked to name a job that uses it as well as how it is used. Outside class experience will pay off as each group brainstorms what job uses each tool to capture their square and hop on!

This activity requires direct teacher supervision because determination of correct and incorrect choices are determined by the class and the teacher will be the ultimate judge. Also, the game includes the content of 2 videos. If your students are K-2 choose the hop scotch board with fewer squares. In this activity, the students will be shown a virtual hop scotch board with various scientific tool categories on it. The students will work in teams to identify a job that uses the tool shown and a use of that given scientific tool. Students need to understand the categories of tools as well as jobs where they are used and how they are used. The game can be played with 3 or 4 categories of scientific tools. (3 categories = K-2, 4 categories = grades 3-5.)

This activity can be used for a whole class or in pairs.

  • Whole Class: Divide the class into two teams. Select someone to be the ultimate 'judge' of the correctness of team answers. The other team can serve as general judge, but an ultimate authority figure should be present to settle disagreements. The teams will have to click on a tool from each category on the hopscotch board and correctly identify a job where it is used and how it is used. If the team is correct, a check mark should be placed in the box that was correct. If both items are correct, they capture the square. The object is to capture a square of each type of category. The first team to do that is the winning team.
  • Students can add 1-2 different tools to each category to extend the hopscotch board and challenge the team further. These could be bonus questions to help with ties.

    Career Exploration: The students can choose one job and research it more in-depth. The students can write a report or prepare an oral report on the topic to share with their class focusing on the tools used in the job and why they are important.