Making Soil

Getting to Know Soil

Object Type: Interactive

Making Soil

Media: Getting to Know Soil

Not messy, just memorable! Your students can apply what they've just learned by making their own soil with this visually engaging interactive!

This activity provides a review of what makes up soil. The students will drag and drop the ingredients they think constitute soil into a large bowl. If students make an incorrect choice, the item will not go in and an incorrect sound will play. The item will then return to its starting position, thus providing immediate feedback. Feedback for correct answers occurs by the item staying where the students place it in the bowl and with a sound of applause at the end and a description of what soil is.

This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • All: Whole class could have a discussion of what makes up soil and then students in groups or individually can be called on to determine and explain each ingredient and where it comes from.
  • Discuss each choice from the Making Soil interactive. Have students describe the properties of the items in the pictures and explain why or why not it is something that would make soil. Also, ask your students why they think air is considered an ingredient, or component, of soil.

    Science: Have examples of loam, clay, sand and organic material for the students to touch. Then in small groups have students mix together clay, sand, and organic material to make loam. Have them add water to their mixtures and observe and record how the soil samples change as they dry out.