Mystery Words

Animal Adaptations

Object Type: Interactive

Mystery Words

Media: Animal Adaptations

This unique interactive reveals the letter of a vocabulary word with each correctly answered question. You can choose a vocabulary difficulty level or enter your own custom word!

In this activity, students answer questions to reveal letters of a mystery word. The Custom option allows you to enter your own mystery phrase or word (up to 14 letters for each of 2 possible words). Students work in teams taking turns to answer questions about animal adaptations. If they answer the question correctly, one letter is revealed in the mystery word and they earn a point for the team. If the answer is incorrect, no point is earned and no letter is revealed. Students know immediately if the answer is correct or incorrect by sound and also by a display of the word correct or incorrect at the bottom of the screen.

This activity is designed to be played in teams.

  • Whole Class: The game provides a spinner to determine which team goes first. Having the students work together to answer the questions provides an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment. Students can also justify their answers. You could play having student teams guessing the mystery word before it is revealed or you could play that all letters must be revealed before the end.
  • Students could make up their own mystery words to use in the game (using the custom feature) that help their classmates review animal adaptations.

    Science: Students could be given a common animal (i.e. rabbit) and a scenario that would not be a conducive living arrangement for that animal and develop make-believe adaptations to allow the animal to successfully survive in the given scenario.