Name the States Map

This is Our Government

Object Type: Interactive

Name the States Map

Media: This is Our Government

Help students learn the names of the states with this drag and drop activity. Use it with our other state maps interactives to practice and reinforce state names, shapes and locations in our country.

The object of this activity is to label each state on the map. A list of the fifty states will appear in the lower left corner of the screen below a map of the United States. Click on the name of a state and then drag and drop it onto the map where it belongs. When you move the state name to the proper place on the map, the name of the state will stay on the map, you will hear a "ding" and the state name and capital will appear in the instruction box. If you do not move the state name to the proper place on the map, the name will move back to the box, you will hear a "swoosh" sound and the state name goes back to the list. The tools on the lower right side of the screen allow you to move around and zoom in on the map. By zooming in on the smaller states, it is easier to drop the state name, especially if you are using a computer for the interactivity. (Re-sizing the page may help for placement as well.)

This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • All: Begin the activity by watching the video "This Is Our Government." Whole Class: Call students up one at a time and place a state in the correct spot. (Decide if students will get more than one attempt to correctly place their state.) Or have students each draw their state name out of a bucket and place it in the correct spot. Another option is to have students assign each other states "popcorn" style by calling on the next student and assigning the state (e.g. Billy would go and then say "Andrew, Rhode Island"). Pairs/Small groups: Have them take turns randomly picking a state to move or challenging the others with a state. The group that gets the most correct wins. Or divide the class into two or more teams and have a race where several students work together to see how quickly they can correctly place all of the states. Teams try to beat each others' times.
  • After practicing this activity as a class or in small groups, give each student a blackline master of the U.S. map and have them correctly write the name of each state in the proper place.

    Language Arts: Ask students to choose a state they have never visited and to write short, informative essay about that state, including climate, elevation, population, state flower, state bird, recreation, and other important facts about the state. Music: Learn the song "Fifty Nifty United States" to help remember the names of the states in alphabetical order. This song is in the last chapter of the video "This is Our Government."

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