Plant Board Game

Plant Lifecycles

Object Type: Interactive

Plant Board Game

Media: Plant Lifecycles

Students will step up to the board to name their teams and test their understanding of the plant life cycles in this colorful, comprehensive game-show style assessment.

The board is set up with five categories: lima beans, sunflower, pumpkin, apple, and pine. There are 3 questions in each category worth 1, 2 or 3 points each. The game is played in teams. The team with the highest score wins. Questions are multiple choice. If a question is correct, the team that is correct earns the points. If the team answers incorrectly, the other team receives the points. If an answer is incorrect, the correct answer is displayed. This is a good review activity.

This activity can be used for a whole class or in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • Whole Class: This activity requires two teams that are named by the students. Have a student spin to see who goes first. The team chooses a category and point value. When they click, a multiple choice question appears. The team should come to consensus regarding the question. Then click on their answer to check it. The computer will keep track of the points earned by each team and determine a winner at the end.
  • Students can make up 5 point questions for each category to use as bonus questions or tie breaking questions to try and stump the other team.

    Language Arts: Using the multiple choice question vocabulary, students can write a paragraph about one of the five categories presented that explains the life cycle of that specific plant in paragraph form.