Push Pin Review

Weathering & Erosion

Object Type: Interactive

Push Pin Review

Media: Weathering & Erosion

Can your students recognize forms and details of weathering and erosion? This pictoral vocabulary exercise provides descriptive hints to help students connect new terms and pictures.

This game is a vocabulary matching activity. In this game, the students read a vocabulary word and then match it to a picture representing the meaning of the term. The students are given an interactive 'push pin' that uses a line to connect the picture of the item to the vocabulary word. When a student makes a correct choice, they are provided with immediate feedback in the form of a positive bell sound and the push pin remains in place connecting the term with the picture. When a student makes an incorrect choice, they are provided with immediate feedback in the form of a negative buzzer sound and the push pin returns to the picture allowing the student to make an alternate choice.

This is a vocabulary review game. It is important that the students are familiar with the vocabulary, so watching the video prior to playing the game is important. This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • Whole Class: Students make guesses on their own miniature white boards or paper so they remain engaged in the activity. Having a student read the term out loud and another student define it aloud provides for more reinforcement of the term. Students can then take turns physically moving the push pin to the correct answer. If you choose to play it in teams, a score keeper could track the number of correct answers per team and a winning team could be determined.
  • The students could choose several of the vocabulary terms to create illustrative flash cards that could be replicated and used as study aids for the entire class (if each student did 3-4 the whole class could review many different terms).

    Language Arts: Students could create cloze (fill in the blank) sentences for a given set of the vocabulary terms that could be used as quizzes or class review activities. Using the words in context helps to make better vocabulary connections.