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Rainy Day P.E.

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Rainy Day P.E.

Features aerobics to music with emphasis on group cooperative skills. Children will be enthused doing the 'Celebration Hand Jive' and the 'Electric Slide' —country line dance. Also features exercises and games using creative and inexpensive objects (balloons and milk cartons) such as 'Balloons Up' and 'Balloon Balance.'

Rhythm, dance and movement fun for indoors on rainy days.

Students will participate in physical exercise, dancing and rhythm exercises. 1) Getting Personal Space: a) Students will stand in the straight standing position behind a desk. b) Students will stretch arms to achieve personal space with neighboring students. c) Students will be reminded about safety, as relating to walls, bookcases, computers, etc. 2) Boogie Warm-Ups: a) Arm movements i) Clapping at different levels ii) Arm Stretching in different directions: up, down, out, in (front), out, in (side). iii) Arm circling: slow and fast, forward and backward (like turning a rope) iv) Patty cake movements: clap knees, clap hands v) Swimming: front and back crawl (freestyle and back stroke), Underwater (breast stroke) b) Body movements: i) Twist Rock & Roll: arms moving with hips. ii) Trunk twisting iii) Neck twisting c) Leg movements: i) Marching in place ii) Jumping: 2 jumps apart, and 2 jumps together. iii) 4 beat slow jogging (2 in and 2 apart) iv) Double jumps: sideways v) Grapevine step: 3 steps and a touch hop (or a hop) d) Celebration Hand Jive: Dance e) Electric Slide: Country line dance 3) Hand Jive: Rub right, rub left. Right (hand) up, left (hand) up. Right (hand) down, left (hand) down. Right hitchhike, left hitchhike. Roll, 2,3,4. Jump right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left Hip, hip (R hand cross, touch L hip; L hand cross, touch R hip) Bottom, bottom (R hand touch R bottom, L hand touch L bottom) Jump, Jump, turn. 4) Line Dance: (Step to the side) right, left, right, touch (Step to the side) left, right, left, touch Back, back, back (back . right, left, right) If space does not allow, step in place . R, L, R. Rock forward (left) Backward (right) Forward (left) Brush (right) (Space in the classroom does not allow a quarter turn) 5) Balloon activities to music: every student has a balloon, blows it up, and ties it; balloon is held under control, during teaching direction. a) Exploration: How high, how low, bounce, hit with hand, elbow, head, and chin. b) How many objects can you hit the balloon against? c) How many times can you keep it in the air, using only hands, then only feet, only elbows and only knees? d) Directed Activities: i) Alternate feet while kicking; alternate hands while hitting the balloon. ii) Keep the balloon in the air using multiple body parts i.e. elbow, hand, and knee. iii) Hit the balloon in the air, and: iv) Clap three times before hitting the balloon again. ii) Hop five times. iii) Turn around once. iv) Touch your toes. e) Partner Activities: i) Hit back and forth, not letting the balloon touch the ground. b) Bounce the balloon to partner. c) Drop kick balloon to partner. d) Move with balloon, back to back; between foreheads, elbows, etc. e) Pass between legs and over head, while standing back to back. f) Balloon Games: a) Balloons Up: one balloon per student, sitting on desk; use stop watch to time how long all balloons stay off the floor; students must cooperate and continually hit any balloon to keep it up. Student may only hit a balloon once in a row, and may not partner up. Play whole class, or in groups of five or six.. b) Balloon Balance: partners have one balloon, try to balance balloon using body parts, not letting it drop; head to head, side to side and back to back. Keep the balloon balanced while moving it around, without using hands.

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