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Sales Team
Want to subscribe to SMI?
If you'd like information regarding purchasing our service, give us a call today. Our friendly sales-team can help you find just what pricing options meet you and your school's needs.
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Toll-Free: (800) 975-1741


Technical Team
Need help with features?
If you're new to SMI and you need help using our system give us a call or email us (to the right). Our expert tech-team can help you use SMI to the fullest.

Toll-Free: (800) 975-1741

System Requirements

Are you SMI ready? is a comprehensive online learning tool which features dynamic learning-objects and educational components. Some of our site features require moderate computer processing load. We suggest the following CPU systems and browsers as a base line for an optimum SMI experience. If your system does not meet our system requirements then you may experince issues when interactiing with our site and streaming video. If so, please read our "Trouble Shooting Tips" below.

Microsoft® Windows® Mac OS X Linux®
Processor Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz, AMD Atdlon® 600MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor

PowerPC G3 500MHz or faster processor1
800MHz or faster processor
Memory 128MB of RAM 128MB of RAM 512MB of RAM
Graphics memory 128MB of graphics memory2
Platform Operating systems Browsers3
Windows Windows 7,
Windows Vista®,
Windows XP,
Windows Server® 2008,
Windows Server 2003,
Windows 2000
Internet Explorer 6.0 and above,
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above,
Google Chrome 2.0 and above4,
Safari 3.0 and above,
Opera 9.5 and above,
AOL 9.0 and above
Mac OS5 Mac OS X 10.6,
Mac OS X 10.5,
Mac OS X 10.4 (Intel),
Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC)6
Safari 3.0 and above,
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above,
Google Chrome 2.0 and above4,
Opera 9.5 and above,
AOL Desktop for Mac 1.0 and above
Linux7 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 or later,
openSUSE® 11 or later,
Ubuntu 7.10 or later
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above,
Google Chrome 2.0 and above4,
SeaMonkey 1.11 and above
Solaris Solaris™ 106 Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above
  1. Support for PowerPC-based computers is discontinued
  2. Recommended for GPU hardware acceleration–dependent features. SMI may use software mode for systems that do not meet the system requirements.
  3. SMI supports browser versions listed when run on operating systems supported by the browser vendor.
  4. SMI's Flash Player is integrated as part of Google Chrome.
  5. ATI Rage 128 GPU does not support full-screen mode with hardware scaling.
  6. Content protection using SMI is not available on this platform.
  7. Only Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) is supported. Systems using OSS/ESD will not play audio. Only GTK2-based browser versions are supported.
Please make purchase orders (PO) payable to:

PO BOX 163766

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you offer an entire school license?

Click here to view our pricing options for single and multiple classroom use.

- Why isn't video playing on my SmartBoard or Projector?

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine.

- How do I find and search videos?

To find a specific video, click here and enter in a keyword or title.

- How do I find and search interactive activities?

To find a specific interactive, click here and enter in a keyword or title.

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Why SMI?

I love how your videos show student friendly content that's fun and easy to understand. My students and I love your graphics.
Garcia, First Grade Teacher
I love this activity. It is easy to use and the feature that sends you to each state's website is very helpful. I like how you can change the map to suit your needs.
Trenket, Kindergarten Teacher
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