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Science Tools for Lab and Life! #2

Video Objectives

  1. Students will know the names of and uses for different tools used in scientific inquiry.
  2. Students will understand that the same tools they use in the classroom are used by people at home and in their careers.
  3. Students will understand the importance of using scientific tools correctly.

Classroom Activites

  1. Experiment in ingenuity. Now that students have learned about the appropriate tools for science in the classroom and in practical situations, encourage them to think “outside the box.” Have students choose or develop an experiment that interests them. Students should make a list of tools they will need to conduct their experiment. Once students have decided which scientific tools they will use, ask them to pretend that they are in a different environment, where those tools are not available (at the mall, on a desert island, they can choose or you can choose for them). Ask students how they might improvise given the circumstances to still maintain safety, and to conduct an effective experiment.
  2. Observation in the real world. Ask students to use what they have learned by watching the video and apply it to real life. Student should be given several days to observe people in the “real world” and keep notes about the kinds of scientific tools they use. Encourage students to stick to their normal schedule. After the given period of time, have students share with the class some of their observations – discuss the interesting and surprising places that they have discovered science in action.
  3. Additional Resources: , Experiment Instructions included on DVD or at

Vocabulary Words

1. Aerate
2. Balance
3. Beaker
4. Calculator
5. Camera
6. Clock
7. Coagulate
8. Compound microscope
9. Computer
10. Dropper
11. Fire extinguisher
12. Five senses
13. Gloves
14. Graduated cylinder
15. Gram
16. Hand lens
17. Information tools
18. Magnifying box
19. Measurement
20. Measurement tools
21. Meter stick
22. Observation
23. Observation tools
24. Observe
25. PH test
26. Probe
27. Ruler
28. Safety
29. Safety glasses
30. Safety goggles
31. Safety tools
32. Sight
33. Tape measure
34. Test tube

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Science Tools for Lab and Life! #2

Two students conducting simple classroom experiments question why they need to learn how to use scientific tools. A real rocket scientist answers that question and gives them a glimpse of the exciting science work outside the classroom lab. Your students will meet professionals from Chef to engineer as they see how water is filtered for reuse in a ...

Chapters (01-12)

00 - Play All
01 - Introduction
02 - Tools Introduction
03 - Safety Tools for Lab
04 - Safety Tools for Life
05 - Observation Tools for L...
06 - Observation Tools for L...
07 - Measurement Tools for L...
08 - Measurement Tools for L...
09 - Information Tools
10 - Recap
11 - Review
12 - Bonus Feature

Science Tools for Lab and Life! #2
Science Tools for Lab and Life! #2

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