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How Customs and Heritage Shape Communities

Video Objectives

  1. Students will understand how communities and cultures develop over time.
  2. Students will appreciate the customs of local communities.
  3. Students will recognize that people from different backgrounds can come together in a community.

Classroom Activites

  1. Personal Heritage. Encourage students to look closely at their own values and traditions and share them with the class. Have students talk with their parents about their heritage and bring in examples of clothing, food, or other symbols of culture to share.
  2. Reach Out. Have students (with the help of a parent) find a neighbor, family friend, or acquaintance that seems to come from a different background. Have students compile a list of questions and ask to interview the person. Questions should include finding out the cultural background, and some family history as well as ordinary likes and dislikes. Have students share any insights they gain with the class.

Vocabulary Words

1. Celebration
2. Chinese New Year
3. Cinco de Mayo
4. Community
5. Culture
6. Custom
7. Dreidel
8. Ethnicity
9. Fat Tuesday
10. Festival of Lights
11. Hanukkah
12. Harlem
13. Heritage
14. Immigrant
15. Kwanzaa
16. Lent
17. Mardi Gras
18. Menorah
19. Native Americans
20. Settler
21. Tradition
22. Values

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How Customs and Heritage Shape Communities

Something as simple as food has a rich cultural history. From this springboard students take a look at the heritage of many people groups in the United States. Drawing from historical and community resources students will discover how people all over the world have left their mark on the land they settled. And, while the differences are compared an...

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Chapters (01-07)

 00 - Play All
01 - Introduction
02 - Customs
03 - Celebrations
04 - Heritage
05 - Culture Can Change Over...
06 - Contributing to a Commu...
07 - Communities Can Share C...

How Customs and Heritage Shape Communities
How Customs and Heritage Shape Communities

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