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Native Americans
American Heritage Series

Video Objectives

  1. Students will understand that Native Americans were the first people to live in what is now the United States.
  2. Students will appreciate the respect Native Americans held for Earth
  3. Students will identify several tribes, their home region, and their way of life
  4. Students will understand the impact Native American tribes have had on our current way of life.

Classroom Activites

  1. Native American Map. Using poster board or large pieces of construction paper, have each student (or pairs of students) construct or draw a map of the United States. Ask students to label the map with the ‘Native American Regions’ as described in the video and mark on the map the tribes that were shown in the video, along with an illustration showing some of their ways of life (e.g. housing, buffalo, etc.). Next, have students do independent research on other Native American tribes and add those groups to their maps. Share maps with the class and display.
  2. Enrichment. As described in the video, Native American groups have longstanding traditions such as storytelling and a respect for nature. Have each student pick a tribe (preferably NOT one discussed in the video) and research some of the customs and beliefs of that tribe. Have each student share a story or custom from the tribe they researched.

Vocabulary Words

1. Cherokee
2. Chinook
3. Chumash
4. Clans
5. Confederation
6. Hogans
7. Iroquois
8. Kiowas
9. Lakota
10. Land bridge
11. Maidu
12. Makah
13. Mandans
14. Mojave
15. Natives
16. Navajo
17. Ohlone
18. Pueblo
19. Sachems
20. Sod
21. Teepee
22. Totem pole
23. Yurok

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Native Americans

Experience the rich history of the Native Americans through the eyes of young Suzy Redhawk as she recounts the stories told to her by her wise grandmother. From the rocky northwest coastline through the desert mesas, across the Great Plains to the eastern woodlands, Suzy visits each magnificent tribal culture as they commune with nature and provide...

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Chapters (01-08)

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01 - Introduction
02 - The People of the South...
03 - The Eastern Woodlands P...
04 - People of the Great Pla...
05 - People of the Southwest
06 - People of the Californi...
07 - People of the Northwest
08 - Conclusion

Native Americans
Native Americans
American Heritage Se...

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