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The Nervous System
Amazing Body Series
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The Nervous System

Real world comparisons to a computer and electrical wiring brings the amazing nervous system into focus. Discover how the brain gathers information, makes sense of it, and controls all that your body does! Like a row of falling dominoes, nerve impulses leap the synaptic gap and communicate faster than lightning. Explore the human brain and discover...

Chapters (01-13)

 00 - Play All
01 - Introduction
02 - The Nervous System
03 - How the Nervous System ...
04 - The Nuts and Bolts of N...
05 - All About the Brain
06 - The Cerebrum
07 - The Cerebellum
08 - The Thalamus
09 - The Nervous and Endocri...
10 - The Brain Stem
11 - Sensory Organs
12 - Keeping the System Heal...
13 - Review

The Nervous System
The Nervous System
Amazing Body Series

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