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The Reproductive System
Amazing Body Series

Video Objectives

  1. Students will learn and understand changes to the body during puberty.
  2. Students will learn and understand the reproductive systems for the male and female.
  3. Students will learn and understand the process of fertilization.
  4. Students will learn healthy habits to employ.
  5. Students will learn about abstinence.

Classroom Activites

  1. The teacher can provide the students with a diagram of the male anatomy and a separate one of the female anatomy. The students can use velcro backed cards to label the appropriate parts of the reproductive systems of each gender. Students can rewatch the video or use peers to check accuracy.
  2. Students can be provided with the steps in part of the reproductive cycle (i.e. menstruation cycle or process of fertilization). Students can work in pairs to put the steps in the correct sequence.
  3. Cards could be numbered on the back in order to be self-checking or groups can trade positions and check the answers for each group. The cards can then be used to study the process.

Vocabulary Words

1. Blastocyst
2. Cells
3. Cervix
4. Embryo
5. Estrogen
6. Fallopian tubes
7. Fertilization
8. Hormones
9. Implantation
10. Menstruation
11. Organ
12. Ovaries
13. Penis
14. Period
15. Prostate gland
16. Puberty
17. Scrotum
18. Semen
19. Seminal vesicles
20. Sexual intercourse
21. Sperm
22. System
23. Target cells
24. Testes
25. Testosterone
26. Tissue
27. Uterus
28. Vagina
29. Vas deferens
30. Zygote
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The Reproductive System

Real world comparisons of the people we are today with images of plants, animals and people over 3,000 years old introduce the student to the key role that the reproductive system plays in human survival. Confusing changes and body functions that occur during puberty are demystified as students understand the hormonal life cycle triggers that set t...

Chapters (01-09)

 00 - Play All
01 - Intro
02 - The Reproductive System
03 - Puberty
04 - The Male Reproductive S...
05 - The Female Reproductive...
06 - Fertilization
07 - From Fertilization to B...
08 - Keeping The System Heal...
09 - Review

The Reproductive System
The Reproductive System
Amazing Body Series

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