Learning About Money

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Quiz: Learning About Money

With the help of two friends, students learn that money has value and comes in many denominations (from a penny to a 100-dollar bill). Students will go inside one of our country's mints to discover how coins are made. Lastly, they will learn that every country has its own unique money and see some of the currencies used in different countries today.

Student Application

Take a look at different kinds of money and how people trade money for items.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that to trade means to exchange something for something else.
  2. Students will know that people use money to trade, so they can get the things they need or want. For example, Joel traded his $36.42 for a pair of shoes.
  3. Students will realize that a long time ago most people did not have ...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Money Puzzle: Using butcher paper, make two tables like the Coin and Paper Bill tables used in number seven. Leave the tables blank, except for the headings. Make cards that contain the information for each space in the tables. Give the cards to the students and ask them to work together to complete each table.
  2. Curren...

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